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It is most important to choose a good flower pot. Is the ceramic flower pot good or the plastic flower pot good?

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How to choose a flower pot? Some people like to raise flowers, but they don't choose flower pots, which is not good for the growth of flowers and trees, and can't achieve the effect of beautifying the living room。 As the saying goes, using a great device is appropriate。 There are many types of flower pots, including tile pots, pottery jars and porcelain pots。 As a flower cultivation equipment, the tile basin is ideal, but the craft is rough and difficult to be elegant。 Although the porcelain pot is gorgeous, it cannot be directly planted with flowers and trees because it has no water absorption and gas permeability。 It can only be used as a pot pot。 Only clay pots are the best way to grow flowers。 There are as many as one or two thousand flower pots in China。

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